Frontier of Economics in China (FEC)
 Call for Papers

Frontiers of Economics in China (FEC) is a double-blind peer-reviewed English journal under the umbrella of Frontiers in China. Launched by China's Ministry of Education in 2006, the journal is co-sponsored by Institute for Advanced Research, SHUFE and Higher Education Press.  Issued quarterly and distributed worldwide, the journal is available both online and in hard-copy.

 The journal welcomes submissions of theoretical and empirical papers from all fields of economics, particularly those with an emphasis on the Chinese economy and other emerging, developing or transition economies. By publishing state-of-the-art research articles, FEC aspires to become the most distinguished economics journal based in China.

 Participants of the workshop are welcome to submit the conference papers or other works to the journal. And for these submissions, we promise a fast turnaround time.

 For detailed information about the journal, submission instructions, reviewing procedures or any other enquiries, please visit or ; or email us at

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